Most frequently asked questions

01. The Patou House

Who is Patou?

Patou is a fashion house created by Jean Patou in 1914.

Patou is a century of couture, a revolution in women's fashion (sportswear, swimwear, sunscreen, and the monogram...), iconic ambassadors (Josephine Baker, Mistinguett, Suzanne Lenglen, Louise Brooks), as well as unforgettable perfumes (Joy, 1000), not to mention some of the most renowned designers who took over (Marc Bohan, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Lacroix ...).

Patou is a renaissance, a new chapter of Patou-à-porter, women’s ready-to-wear with a few accessories here and there, under the artistic direction of Guillaume Henry.

Patou is Patou!

Jean Patou is also perfumes, right?

Yes, indeed! Jean Patou revolutionized the perfume industry with some of the most iconic fragrances of the 20th century.

Today, Jean Patou's fragrances are no longer in production. However, you can still find your favourite Jean Patou perfumes in select authorized outlets around the world.

02. The Patou Products

When can I wear Patou?

The first Patou collections, designed by Guillaume Henry, will be available from mid-November 2019. Be the first to know by subscribing to the Patou Letter!

And where can I find the Patou collections?

The Patou collections will be available from mid-November on Patou.com throughout continental Europe and in a network of shops that are très Patou. The list of these points of sale will be available after the launch of the first collection on Patou.com!

Wait, I have more questions!

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